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We all know how we must take good care of our Mother Earth because without it, we will not have any other habitat. That is why we need to make sure that we would do something to preserve our environment even in our own little ways. Say for instance, we could conduct proper waste management. How would we be able to do that? It’s very easy – we can clean up and recycle! Good thing there are quality skip bins available nowadays.  And if you’re in Australia, “Mick’s Bins” can offer you mini skip bins Brisbane services!

With Mick’s, you can always be assured that someone will take care of your household or businesse establishment’s garbage!

What does Mick’s Bins offer?

At Mick’s Bins, they offer quality skip bins Brisbane products according to the needs of their clients. May the client want to use their services for household purposes, building site cleaning purposes, renovation stuff, and even simple backyard wastes, Mick’s have the type of skip bin which suits their clients’ needs.

Here is how it works: you can simply call the company, tell them you need their services, give them your address, pay them, and Voila! You can now have your skip bin delivered! And you don’t need to worry because Mick’s Bins’ hired staff will collect your bin after a few days and replace it with a clean one!

What areas can Mick’s reach?

They have skip bin hire Brisbane services, including those sub urban areas in Redlands and Logan.

Quick facts about the do’s and don’ts of skip bins

·         Only the following materials under the heavy waste category are allowed to be placed in Mick’s mini skip bins Brisbane (2 m cube and 3 m cube bins): concretes, rubbles, stones, rocks, soil, bricks, tiles, sand, and other construction site wastes.

·         Mick’s Bins also classifies general and green wastes as approved to be placed in the skip bins. It could be domestic waste, tree trimmings, organic garden wastes, white goods, electrical waste, etc.

·         The following wastes should not and never be placed in the bins: petroleum, batteries, hazardous waste, food waste, tires, asbestos, paint, and other dangerous chemicals.


Payment methods

There are several ways on how you can pay Mick’s Bins for the services they render. You can have the easy way in which you can simply order online in their website and pay online using an electronic funds transfer. Other payment methods include payment with your master card, credit card, and they also accept cash on delivery.

How can I contact Mick’s Bins?

If you are planning to hire Mick’s Bins for their mini skip bins in Brisbane services, you can reach them at 1300 – 660 – 940. For more information, you can also send them an inquiry at . Or you can also send them a snail mail at PO Box 2093, Wellington Point, Queensland 4160.

Or, if you have already decided to get their services, you can easily log on to and book online! And guess what? You can book any time of the day because they are available 24/7!

What else are you waiting for? Get your very own mini skip bins Brisbane customers trust at Mick’s Bins!

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