How to Give Your Kitchens a Painting Makeover

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You don’t always have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to give your kitchens a complete makeover. If the kitchen is still in excellent shape and many of the fixtures are still in the best condition, then professional painters in Gold Coast will do the magic. With a few coats of paint, you can transform your kitchen into a space that is uniquely yours and which truly represents your unique sense of style.

Here are some cool ways in which professional painters in Gold Coast could transform your kitchens:

·         You can simply paint the doors of the cabinetry as well as those of the drawer fronts. Thanks to the vast array of paint colour choices that are currently available in the marketplace, you can get the best quality of paint that can be used on all kinds of surfaces. Whether your cabinetry is made of laminate or even melamine, there is always the right paint out there that could truly bring out the finish and create the kitchen look of your desires. You can ask professional painters in Gold Coast or paint suppliers in order to help you in choosing the best paint for the job.

·         It is not always about the walls. You could also change the look of your kitchen backsplash. You can apply some really unique colours on the backsplash that adds some personality to the kitchen. When it comes to the backsplashes, you are not just limited to one colour. You can work with a palette of colours in order to create very beautiful patterns on your kitchen. You can even choose to use different colours for the individual tiles that have been installed on the kitchen backsplash that will create a very striking pattern that someone just can’t help but notice. When you are purchasing new paint for this kind of work, the paint suppliers can sell you these with stencils that you can work with in order to decorate your backsplashes.

·         If you have kitchens that have been used for quite some time and look a bit dingy, you can have it resurfaced and repainted afresh in order to give a beautiful and professional look.

·         If you have kitchens with laminate benchtops, you can have these repainted, too. Before painting them, however, make sure that they are scrubbed thoroughly and also sanded with very fine sandpaper. There are special laminate paint primers that can be used on these kinds of surfaces. That can be followed by a top coat that will give it the look. When hiring your painter, inquire on whether they can provide the special paint finishes that you need on laminate benchtop surfaces.  With laminate paints, you can achieve any desired look that you wish to have including marble or granite finishes.

·         Paint your fridge: Over time and with repeated use, your fridge may get worn out on the outside and lose its luster. However, you cannot replace your fridge simply because it does not look good anymore. There are special paints used on appliances that you can use in order to repaint the exterior of your fridge and restore its old new and fresh look. If you like, you can also experiment with various retro colours such as blue or red.

There are various kitchen photo inspirations out there that you could choose and give your professional painter to work with in order to obtain the kitchen of your dreams.

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