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There are a number of reasons why you need a work station, one is to enable you organise your electronics, documents and stationary in the neatest way possible. To enhance work convenience you need a work station that can fit with the kind of postures that comes with the nature of job you do. Some jobs require you to adjust your position either by sitting or standing. This can be hard if you are using electronics such as computers. The good news is you can now acquire height adjustable computer desks.

If you are seeking freedom from the old fashioned way of doing things in the office where you must stay in one position no matter what, then height adjustable computer desks are just for you. The advantage that comes when you shift positions is that you will have better health and less boredom. Your mind also gets stimulated in the process. These furniture are of different kinds depending on what you want.

You can get wind up desks, hydraulic desks, electric desks among other types that will help you improve your work conditions.

Luka Desk

This option is suitable for offices where a desk is shared between two people or more. If your company is such that people need to work in shifts, then this is a great option. This warm white metallic furniture can be adjusted up from 665mm to 870mm. The benefits include increased productivity, since few breaks are needed. The usually health suspects such as the back and the joins are relieved.


The highrise comes available in two operational options, either the wind or the electric adjustable. The top surface also creates more options as you can choose between Melteca or Thermonate with a base coloured in silver or white. You can adjust it from 680mm to 1060mm. Just like the Luka desk, this will also improve your productivity in a major way.


This option provides an adjustable desk that is electrically operated. With a base that is silver and a top that is either Melteca or Thermonate you are in for the most exciting work experience like you have never seen. The best part is it comes in different sizes depending on your specifications.

Other types of adjustable desks for computers include elevate, wave, dove, Blake, arise, greenstar standing to mention but a few. All these come in different shapes and sizes to fulfil your requirements.

Times have changed and businesses are coming up with better ways to increase productivity. One way you can do that is by getting height adjustable computer desks. These will ensure your workers enjoy their time at work and live a healthy life. You can get such desks from most furniture houses, however if you are looking for a long term solution in terms of durability and quality, then Systems Commercial Furniture is your answer.

With excellence upheld to the best, you need to visit the office along Nelson Street, Auckland City, where your taste will be matched. For quick previews, check out the website.

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