Three Different Thai Curry Recipe Tips For Everyone!

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When most people think about curry they automatically think of Indian curried chicken, but did you know that you can also enjoy curry in the Thai style as well as in vegetarian and seafood form? It’s so easy to find Thai recipes on the internet, but check out our quick and easy tips below to give them your own special twist for even more delicious dishes!

Thai chicken red curry tips

Yellow curry is the most popular type of curry in a lot of countries, but in Thailand red curry paste takes the trophy as being the most widely-used. Kick up the usual chicken curry by turning it red instead, and for an extra special touch, add fresh shiitake mushrooms and fish sauce for a unique look and taste!

Adding bamboo shoots give an ordinary red curry recipe a distinct Thai appeal, especially when served with fragrant jasmine rice. If possible, use fresh coconut milk because the canned or boxed varieties just can’t compare.

Vegetarian korma curry tips

Korma is a special type of curry made from a combination of spices mixed with yogurt, which is then added little by little to meat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy korma with a vegetarian dish!

Take some onions, ginger, garlic, potatoes, carrots, green peas, green and red bell peppers, and if you like it spicy some jalapeno peppers as well, and you’ve got all you need for a great korma curry recipe. Adding heavy cream brings out a special milky texture you can’t easily get with other types of Thai recipes with curry, but which suits korma since it already has a yogurt base in it. Use cashew nuts, basil, and cilantro as garnishes on your finished dish for the perfect touch.

Green curry shrimp tips

Curry with seafood isn’t a rare dish, but to make yours extraordinary, add eggplant and lime to the meal and you’ve got a superb recipe the whole family will love! If you’re not used to eggplant, go for small cubes at first. The lime can be enjoyed as a subtle tangy touch by finely grating the zest and incorporating it to the meal or even adding slices or wedges to the dish.

Green curry paste tends to be spicier than the other types due to the use of green chili, and by adding eggplant and lime and adjusting to taste, you can cut back on the spiciness as much as you like without ruining the essential hotness of the dish. A Thai green curry recipe is also easy to make due to the paste already containing basil leaves, lemongrass, and coriander so you can get a flavorful dish without needing too many ingredients. Check out at

Thai recipes are generally better for those experimenting with curry dishes for the first time since unlike Indian curry, Thai uses ready-made curry pastes and fresh herbs rather than dry powders. A good rule of thumb is to go for korma curry if you want mild spiciness, red for medium heat, and green curry for an intense kick. That along with the other tips above, you can be sure your curry recipes will be well-received and eagerly watched out for in the days to come.

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